Mission, Vision, Goals


To inform nursing students, recent graduates and nursing faculty about rewarding careers in wound care.


To increase the number of nurses who choose a career in wound care so as to enhance safe, effective care for people with, or at risk for, wounds.


                        Provide nursing students and recent graduates with access to a wide variety of wound care resources.

                        Provide nursing faculty with educational resources and guidelines for integrating wound prevention and care into nursing curricula.

                        Provide nursing students, recent graduates, and nursing faculty with information about rewarding careers in wound care.


This campaign was developed to address healthcare workforce issues that may affect optimal care for patients with, or who are at risk for developing, wounds.

An aging population combined with an increase in the prevalence of persons with diabetes/obesity signals a future epidemic of chronic wounds. Nurses with the knowledge and skills to help prevent and manage wounds are in high demand across all patient care settings.


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